Connection technology

Connection technology

Often the connection technology is a weak point of your hydraulic system. It is therefore all the more important that the connection technology used is optimally designed for your thermal, mechanical and environment-specific conditions, but also that it is renewed at regular intervals. Therefore, you will find a large selection of hydraulic hoses, fittings, screw fittings and other connection technology from various suppliers in the hydraulics industry

Tube press

Manufacture your own hydraulic hoses. At our company you can find hose presses for common hoses, mostly with press jaws and other accessories suitable for all kinds of hoses in all possible nominal sizes.

Hydraulic hoses

A hydraulic hose connects moving equipment and is used to transport hydraulic fluid through your system. Steel inserts allow them to be used up to maximum pressures. Whether as meter goods or finished hose. With our suppliers you find all kinds of hoses all the same whether 2SC, 2SN, 4SP or other. If no suitable hose is available for you, many of our suppliers also offer a hose service – just ask!

Hydraulic Fittings & Unions

Hydraulic fittings and valves ensure a tight connection of hydraulic hoses or hydraulic pipes to the component. Since screw fittings, locking cones and nozzles often have to function safely under extreme conditions, the requirements for pressure resistance, leak tightness and corrosion resistance are particularly high. In addition, you should meet all application-specific and industry-specific standards. Thanks to their easy disassembly as well as modular expansion options, hydraulic fittings are suitable for versatile use in industrial hydraulic systems or mobile work equipment.

There are various designs (pressure gauge connection, closing cone, intermediate connection with sealing cone, angle connection, screw-in connection, bulkhead connection, T connection, reducing connections), versions (heavy and light series L, LL, S, galvanized (chrome-free) or stainless steel, metallic or soft-sealing) and of course also sizes (DN).

You can find more categories in our overview